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If only we could kiss forever
This moment would end never
your lips against mine
is a dream come true
And all this is happening
because i fell in love with you

i think of the way your hand
always finds mine .. and how
much you love me when you
look in my eyes .. //

He's the one I dream of at night
he is the one who holds me tight
he's the one who's true to me
together forever we will be.

Look in my eyes n tell me what you see
cuz when I'm staring into yours
I see my whole world ahead of me

I look at you and i realize just
how much you've been a part of my life
how special you are and how much you've
made me happy. i look at you and i realize
that heaven must be missing an angel.

i think everyday of what i did to
deserve you. No one in this
world could treat me as good
as you do. Since Ive met you
i felt like the most special girl
and from now on, you'll be my
a L w a y s a n d f o r e v e r

I love you for reasons which is quite
impossible to define, simply because
the words do not exist that might do
justice to the feelings i experience
whenever i see you or touch you
or hear your voice or even know you're
somewhere nearby even if i
cannot see you at the time.

baby i would do anything for you.
i would never trade anything for
your kiss, for your hug* ive dreamt
of you for a long time and i dont
want anybody else but... you <3

Forever isnt long enough for what we have

I dont regret the rain or the nights I felt the pain
or the tears I had to cry. Some of those time every
road I had to take, everytime my heart would
break, it was just something I had to do to get
                 me to you.

the best feeling in the world is listening
to someones heartbeat«3 & know its
beating like that because of y o u

i know it's wrong for me to say it
or even think this way.. but i don't
want to see you with anybody else
\\\...... but me .....///

I know you hear me say I love you
but I dont think you realize how
much I really do. Not even the
whole world can make me
happy.. all i need is you <3

Its too late. Ive fallen for you
and theres nothing else that i
would like for you to do, except
/* catch me *\

Aint down for the hook ups and short term flings
When this shorty says she loves you, Im talking
the real thing.

If i'm in heaven and you're not there
i'd carve your name in golden
chairs, for all the angels there to see
that i love you and you love me.
if you're not there on judgement day
i'll know you went the other way
so just to prove that our love is true
i'd go to hell just to be with you.

Youre the only one who sweeps me off my feet
makes my soul go weak, the only one who
makes my heart wanna beat.

Of all the guys Ive ever known
you stand out among the rest
and i mean this with all my heart
baby you're the best

People are always saying:
"What are you doing with him?"
"You could do so much better."
"You are too good for him."
I ignore what they say though, I don't want anyone better.
To me, you're as good as it gets

You know how much someone means
to you by how big your smile gets just
by thinking about them.

all my friends ask why Im so hung on you
after all the shit you put me through.
Its hard to explain i wish they would just realize
what its like to look at you through my eyes

Hes really sweet and oh so fine, just so
lovable and thats why hes mine.

i knew y0u were something s p e c i a l
right from the start i knew it by the way
u suddenly 'st0le'my heart. everything
i say is (( c0mpletely)) : t r U e :: i want
t0 spend . f 0 r e v E r . N-a lifetime w/u

i dont care how many lips you've kissed
or how many hands you've held. all i care is
not to be your first. but your last

baby you make me feel so *r i g h t
come to me and Ill hold u * t i g h t *
Our love will grow forever and ever
to us....there isnt a `*[n][e][v][e][r]*

Youre the sun on my [ cloudy days ]
Youre the moon in my [ dark skies ]
You are definitely my [ everything ]
And i would do anything for [ you ]

When he grabbed my hand, half
of me told him not to touch me but
the other half wished he would never
let me go.

You know hes something
special if you cant
fall asleep at night because
youre thinking of him.

When Im with you the only
place i really wanna be is
--» closer*


aS hard aS i try
aS much aS i see
i juSt cant St0p
thinkin y0ur the 0ne f0r me

Do you know how much it hurts ... to be
standing there in your arms ... feeling
your heart beat next to mine ... knowing
that we cannot be together? Knowing that
you're so close and yet you're still a
million miles away? It's killer.
My heart is so mixed up. It rejoices at
the very thought of you and cries whenever you're near.
And even though being "just friends" is perfectly fine
I can't help it ... I want to be with you.

I'm so curious about our love...
I don't understand why you don't take my
hand And tell me you care...
I see all the signs, but if you wanna be mine..
don't leave me up in the air...
You better let your love show,
It's what I'm telling you...
Let me know, or let me go...
I'm so curious...Do you love me?
Do you wonder the way that i do?
I'm so curious, What do you think of me?
Boy am I just a game or do you feel the same as I do?

·· Beautiful Girl with pretty eyes. A hidden heart of
hurts lies ·· She sits up in her bedd at night cries.
It`s hard for her to realize ·· love isnt all weak in the
knees butterlies ·· l[ i wish i could make you mine ]l

m a y b . i m . s c a r e d . t o .
s a y . i m . f a l l i n . f o r
          * y o u *

sometimes no matter how long
or hard you've loved sumone ..
they'll never love you baqq ...
And no matta how much it hurts
yOu have to be okay with that *

there are many things that i would
like to say to you
..but i don`t know how..

He means so much to me i just wish he knew
because when im around him the skys a different blue
and when he talks to me my knees begin to shake
the last thing i want is another heartbreak
if he would love me like i do
i could tell him that i will always be true
but when i try to talk i just dont know what to say
because i know he doesnt feel the same way

dont think you understand how hard
it is to talk to you as * just a friend *
i wanna tell yu how muCh you mean
*`'- to me but i just never can «|33

Constantly depressed,
I'm hopelessly obsessed.
I can't understand why
He won't be more than just friends

it's juss a lil suttin
juss a lil crush
but sumtymes its dem litle thingz
that make me hurt so much

And I'll think about the times
you kissed me after class
and you put up with my friends
I acted like an ass
I'd ditch my lecture to watch the guys play soccer
is my picture still hanging in your locker?

there`s always qoinq to be
that one person u wish u could
be with even after knowinq that
person doesn`t wanna be with you

How come whenever I think Im over you
You talk to me and make me feel like Im the most
Liked person in the world and then I realize I still
Like you and cant and wont get over it?

I was doin pretty good without you, finally getting over you. I 
even had some crushes other than you. But then you had to go and
smile at me and ruin it all.

People Always Sayin That I Play Myself For You.
They Say That You Dont Even Notice Me
Maybe When I Get The Nerve To Come To You.
Promise Me That You Wont Diss Me.

Here I am, and there you are,
your eyes are calling me to your heart.
All you gotta do is knock, I'll let you in,
And we will feel the passion that flows within.
I don't mean to be bold, but I gotta let you know,
I gotta thang for you and I can't let go

What if the person you secretly love
Tells you that he has alreadii found
That special somone
That he wants to spend forever with
Would you be brave enough to ask
Him who it is or bear the pain inside
Not knowing it was you after all?

You might have moved on
Your heart might be healed
But I`m just a girl who
Can`t help what her heart
happens to feel

the way you looked at me ` tells me you`re sorry
you walked by me whispering you love me when
i tried to hold you tight ` you pulled away but you
wanted me to stay `instead you ran away talk to
me let`s stop playing games don`t turn away from
me just look me straight in the ` eyes don`t try to
sweet talk me with those nasty words you say
baby just be real and tell me how you feel

I get the best feeling in the world when you
look at me or smile, because I know,
even if it's just for a second..
I crossed your mind.

See I’m hooked on how you flex your style and I wanna
talk for a little while. I never really seen your type but
I must admit that I kind of like so maybe if you have
the time, we could talk about you being my sweet baby.

I have seen the bluest skies.
Rainbows that would make you cry.
I have seen miracles that moved my soul.
People that have made me whole.
I have seen days that changed my life.
I have seen the brightest star shine like a
diamond in the night. I have seen all this
and more but I've never seen a
smile more beautiful than yours.

I'm tugging at my hair. I'm pulling at my clothes.
I'm tryin to keep my cool, I know it shows.
I'm staring at my feet. my cheeks are turning red.
I'm searching for the words inside my head.
I'm feeling nervous trying to be so perfect,
cause I know you're worth it.

one day you look at a person and see
more than you did the day before like
a switch was just flicked somewhere
and that person who was just a friend
is suddenly the only person you can
[ i m a g i n e ] yourself being with

I've got a: mind boggling, sense numbing
heart pounding, stomach flipping
take my breath away, head over heels
knee shaking, daydreaming, butterfly fluttering
-- crush on you.

You’re the one who makes me come
running. You’re the sun that makes me
shine. When you’re around, I’m always
laughing and I wanna make you mine.

I know I'm not the funniest, or the prettiest.
I'm just a cute, sweet girl thinking about a
wonderful guy who makes me....smile.

Were more than just friends but yet were not
I wanna hook up w/ you so bad cuz i like you alot
So tell me what should I dO...
I dont wanna wait forever for the question 2 come from u...

"Getting lost in your eyes is like getting lost in heaven."

Outside on your doorstep I was all butterflies
because all of the moonlight was no match for you eyes.



No matter how much times goes by you'll always be by my side. cause i couldnt stop loving u even if i tried!

Tell my heart to stop beating. Tell my mind to stop thinking. Throw a stone in the ocean n tell it to stop sinking. Tell the sky not to be so blue. Well it's like telling me not to be in love with you.

I said I loved you but baby I lied, bcuz there's more that love I feel inside. I said I loved you but I think I was wrong because there's no way love could [ f e e l *t h i s* s t r o n g ]

I love you more than words can show.
I think about you more than you could
ever know. Now until forever
this will be true because theres
*no one * I could ever
love [.. as much as i love you ..]

in your life you will meet 1 guy unlike any other..
you can talk to him and never get bored..
tell him everything and never get judged..
smile n get butterflies everytime you see his face..
hear his name or voice.. this person is a best friend..
boyfriend..or true love

i dont need no big quote for you
[no doubt. straight out. iloveu]

When I first saw you, I was afraid to talk to you.
When I first talked to you, I was afraid to like you.
When I first liked you, I was afraid to love you.
Now that I love you, I'm afraid to lose you.

Theres something about you that no one
can see that keeps me going * c r a z y *
The way you look when you stare. Your
attitude when you pretend to not care.
No one knows why I deal the way I do
I guess its because I really do love you.

You cant help who you love, your not supposed to.

I wanna see the world like lovers do I wanna
take it easy, take it slow To catch a fire And
I wanna give myself to you So, we can live like
lovers do I wanna feel that way...yeahhh! Like
lovers do, They loose themselves for days I
need to feel...I need to feel.... I can hear
you thinking what I feel I know that what we
got is real When all we need to get us through
Is just to live like lovers do Just like lovers
do I wanna feel that way Just like lovers do.....

If the sun should refuse to rise
And the moon doesn't hang in the night
The tides won't change, seasons rearrange
When the world is through I will still love you.

If I could say what I wanna say I'd say I wanna blow you...away
be with you every night, am I squeezing you too tight? If I could say what  I  wanna see I wanna see you go down on one knee marry me today. Yes i'm wishing my life away, with these things i'll never say.

whenever, where ever we're meant to be together i'll be there and you'll be near, and that's the deal my dear. There over here under, you'll never have to wonder we can always play by ear, cause that's the deal my dear.

  I look into your eyes and couldn't tell you what I see,
Because there's no explanation for what you do to me.
I wanna hold your hand, and see the smile on your face,
It's not just your body, but your love I need to embrace. 

True Love lasts 4eva..
neva does it stop..
i Love you with all my heart
[from the bottom to the top]

when angels f0rget h0w t0 fly
when it`s 20 below zero in July
when vi0lets are red & roses are blue. .
that`s when i`ll stop loving y0u

Whenever you're with me i feel so happy inside
all my fears are gone n my heart comes alive
wit just one kiss and one single touch
i realize how i love you so much 

I love you, and I can't deny it
I love you, and I want the whole world to know it
so next time your gunna say I love you
make sure you mean it like I do

I'll love you forever..i'll love you for always
as long as im living..my baby you'll be

Yea, this is a *perfect* love -
dOing nOthing but what perfect loverz dO
we're nOt trying to make hist0ry at all
it's just me and you in a - perfect love

That's why it's called falling in love...
Cuz you don't force yourself to fall...
You just do...

You can call me selfish but all i want is your love,
You can call me hopeless baby...i'm hopelessly in love.
You can call me unperfect, but who?s perfect
Tell me what do i gotta do.. to prove that I'm the only one for you

you gave me your ups and when i was feelin down
you gave me your smiles when i began to frown
you gave me your arms when i needed a hug
you gave me your heart when i needed someone to love

some girls claim that theyre in love
the next day its with someone new
some girls say they know what Im feeling
and sometimes that is true
some girls wanna know what real love is
but they never will because i got you

a priceless moment is when the
person // yoo have fallen in love
with - -» looks yoo right in the
eyes and \\ tells yoo that they
have » fallen in love with yoo «

As I lie awake in bed, thoughts run through my head
like why do I love you as much as I do? Then
I realize its just because youre you.

Ever since I was young, I never understood anything
that happened in my life.
The only thing that ever made sense to me was you
and how I felt about you.
That's all I have ever known and that's
enough for the rest of my life.

I love the way you ran your hands
through my hair when we were kissing
I love the fact that when you're away
I'm the one your missing
I love being the one that you got to be
with first when you came down
I love sitting next to you with the music pumpin
driving through town
But most of all, I love the way
I love you with everything in my soul.

Suddenly, I feel this way, my mom said I would someday:
My tummy aches, my heart beats fast,
I wonder how long this feeling will last?
It feels like you were sent from the angels above,
I guess it's that thing called Love.

i love you more than words can say
your the sunshine in each new day
i never wanna lose you
love was just a word till you made it true

never doubt that i love you ; i need you more
than you know - i wish i could hold you 4ever
and never let go . . you prove it more everyday
that we were meant to be // believe me when i
say - you are the one for me

i cross my heart and promise to give
all ive got to give
to make your dreams come true
in the entire world you'll never find
a love as true as mine

No matter what people say
Im gonna love him anyway.

Your eyes twinkle, my knees get weak
and all the while its hard to speak
I often dont know what to say...
I guess ive never been in love this way

If i had a penny for everytime i fell in love
with someone as great as you.. I would
have * exactly * one * cent

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